Welcome to Paradise Movement

A free online sanctuary, a place to discover your own paradise. The safe healing community for all.

We bring together all beings on a self-healing journey to grow our consciousness so that we can pave our Path to Paradise within a safe community, Inspiring each other to expand our spirituality within alternative healing methods. There is no right way to heal, we all share the same goal. This is your sanctuary to share what works for you. 

About Paradise Movement

Are you looking for a community of support? Are you looking to grow mentally, spiritually or within your wellness?

We're a community of change-makers in today's world, paving a path to paradise for ourselves and others. We are the wellness/spiritual entrepreneurs, sacred activists, conscious beings, community organizers, trauma healers, beings on a healing journey, helpers, and all soul connected beings. We've taken the time to create a conscious community and turned it into an online sanctuary of beings on a journey to self-discovery, healing and expansion. 

This is a FREE sanctuary online that is expanding globally (44 countries and counting). It's a Paradise Movement and together we are paradise builders. We believe paradise is a feeling not a place & that life is about building your own paradise. We've created a space where you can unwind, read, listen express, learn, and best of all - connect. 

What to Expect 

  • No time commitment and you are in control: with the ability to drop by daily, weekly or monthly
  • The chance to join free events, spaces and masterclasses with regularly scheduled content to engage with and practices to try for yourself 
  • Ability to access premium spaces and  masterclasses with practitioners, coaches and healers 
  • A safe place to enjoy a community where you can share what you're learning and unpacking
  • A place to navigate a rapidly changing world together so that we can get through the craziness together.
  • A place to make better, more well-informed decisions about the things that are important to us so that we can heal ourselves intentionally 
  • A place to answer/ask questions that society doesn't address so that we don't feel alone when things start to arise
  • A place to build habits that are important to our growth and healing so that we can overcome the nearly impossible of doing things solo
  • A place to discover yourself safely with a community to support you 
  • A place to access exclusive connections and knowledge so that you can create your own personal paradise within

This is your S I G N 

Something brought you here, from your passion, spirituality, or curiosity.  whatever it may be - we are here to help you.

None of us have all the answers. But all of us have wisdom to offer. We would love to learn from your experiences. Together we are here to learn paradise is simply a feeling, not a place. This allows us to learn how to create a life of paradise, freedom and abundance.

No matter what your lane is, you are welcome here, so come on in.

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