Paradise Movement Sanctuary

Revolutionizing Accessibility to Holistic Health; BE Seen ~ United ~ Supported ~ Understood here.

To keep it simple.

Inside you'll find:

🌴Weekly yoga & breathwork classes
🌴Monthly workshops around wellness & mental health
🌴1000's of resources and activities
🌴Private groups of different modalities.
🌴Group Coaching
So much more...

Please read below to find out all about us. 

This is a safe space for you to come home to yourself. To heal from past trauma, to speak your truth, to discover new ways to expand, connect and step into your natural power. This is a place to be raw and real, letting the masks down so you can do the self-care work that often gets avoided.

How often have you wanted to invest in yourself, but it wasn't in the budget? Unfortunately, therapy and other resources are often quite expensive. We are changing that - globally. We offer our platform for free, so you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on different healing practices, life coaches, and holistic solutions to get out of your life's darker moments and complex chapters.

Support. It's a basic human need.

This is why we created Paradise Movement, so anybody can access essential wellness and healing practices that work. Furthermore, we ensure to do this FREE and at your own pace while offering access to global leaders in the holistic health & wellness space

Healing is not linear, and it's not a one-size-fits-all.

Your membership includes dozens of topics in holistic and alternative modalities ranging from A-Z. In addition, there are hundreds of activities, resources, challenges, live workshops, connection calls with our expert leaders, and a supportive global community to connect with along the way.

What's included.

It's an online sanctuary for self-discovery, self-care, and soul nourishment. Your membership includes:

  • A safe space where you can commit to yourself
  • Connection with other members on their healing journey 
  • New content weekly (sometimes daily) 
  • A place to ask & answer questions that society doesn't address
  • Tools and resources for personal development and growth include coaching and therapy exercises, yoga, meditation, breath work, journal prompts, practical assignments, sound healing, and more
  • Access to 10+ healers from around the globe to teach you ways to help your journey.
  • Explore a wide range of resources, philosophies, theories, movements, thoughts, activities etc., 
  • Create a network of friendship and support
  • Exclusive access to expert-curated content from our Advisory Board
  • Private Groups/Containers: themed forums/groups where you can access different healing techniques, work in group settings with our expert leaders and have more confidentiality in your space if needed
  • Live events, workshops, Q&A and group coaching sessions
  • Flexible Commitment: No time obligation
  • Privacy & Peace of Mind: A safe place to enjoy a community where you can share anything, vent, journal, ask questions and unpack what you're learning and healing
  • Accountability & Celebration

It's a safe space, a community, therapy, a guide to holistic living and a support system all in one. 

About Our Leaders

Searching for the truth-something that works for you, can become exhausting, and the commitment of doing this while suffering can be painstaking. We've been there before and know precisely how this can feel. Yet, we worked our way through those moments and created something beautiful to prevent you from having to go through what we did.

Paradise Movement's mission is to provide all beings with space for healing and self-development. We aim to guide people through their darkest moments and make personal development and holistic living affordable and accessible while helping them create a life they don't need a vacation—a paradise state of mind.

Nicole Victoria is a Holistic Guide, Meditation Teacher and Wellness Expert with a powerful passion for everyone to have support through discovering what works for them in wellness, spirituality and movement. She worked hard as a young entrepreneur and brought together an outstanding team of advising leaders, therapists, energy healers, mindfulness teachers, yoga instructors, Chinese medicine experts, and more that make this movement possible.

Come inside and meet our leaders! 

A message from the founder.

I founded Paradise Movement because I started travelling to escape my mental health, crappy relationship and the unknown of my future. While travelling, I realized that Paradise wasn't a place but the feeling inside you. I found that, unfortunately, the problems didn't go away when I was travelling because many of the problems were inside my head and mindset!

This quickly led to the realization that if I did my healing work and worked through the triggers, the grief and the trauma, I could become a better version of myself. So I committed to my personal development, to my healing. I set out to find my paradise state of mind. I wanted to be able to do that, have that, and discover my truth.

On my journey, I lacked support, community, resources and trust. But, I don't believe anyone should lack any of these things, no matter where they are in their healing journey - they are the rocks that will build the paradise foundation.

So then birthed Paradise Movement, a place where we all can have support, community, resources and leaders we can trust; to find our truths. What works for me may not work for you - and that is okay (actually encouraged). The more we support and uplift each other, the more we collectively heal.

That is what Paradise is all about.

- Founder, Nic 

Are you ready?

If you feel called, choose a plan below ⬇️. 

It's your time to find the support of the community you've been craving while you expand, connect, heal, learn and grow with us! 

If you need any help, contact [email protected].

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